Monday, 23 November 2009

Royal Academy Competition - Paper Cities: Urban Utopias

My response to the brief was loosly based on the idea behind the Rubix Cube, only, to reverse the rules of the game - creating a controlled chaos rather than ordered division. A system that hopes to break the idea of divided societies - a new neighbour everyday.

More Norse Mythology

Hel - "Hunger was her plate, Famine was her knife"

Hati, the wolf, swallowing the moon.
A Little Gift...

Friday, 28 August 2009

More work from my Norse Mytholgy series.....

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hati and Skoll
Selected pencil drawings from a work-in-progress illustrated book about Norse Mythology.

Hong Kong Sketches

YBA Pangea
A collaborate project with a St. Martin's Curation Student. An exploration of the emergence of the YBA artists during the 1990's. The final result was a topological map produced in the form of a mythological "Pangea". Each plate symbolises an important time period and location which helped fuel this art movement into greater prominence.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Textile Print of Buildings
"Trauma" Publication
Myself and a fellow graphic designer are currently in the process of creating a publication/graphic novel. Here are a few of the images we plan to implement into the first volume of the publication entitled "Betty". The story is highly confidential, but the events are strongly influenced by 1960's Girl Groups songs and Lynchian Film.

Friday, 2 January 2009

I recently visited Hong Kong and produced many sketches looking down at the city from the Peak. I was fascinated by the dispersion of the buildings and the forms they produced when grouped together. I went back to these sketches and produced a series of A1 collages capturing these forms, rather than the buildings themselves.

The Divine Feud
Character designs based on a story set during the "Golden-Age" of Hollywood, exploring the absurdity of costume.

A Fool There Was
This is an animated short film I made about desire and its power to manipulate. I explore the idea of the unreachable and his imprisonment through his manipulation. It was strongly influenced by the myth of the femme fatale.

The making of "A Fool There Was"

Sense and Synaesthesia
I collaborated with three other animators to produce this commission for the London Sinfonietta at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. It was projected onto a screen while the orchestra played a musical piece by Olivier Messiean, a French composer who suffered from synaesthesia, a confusion of the senses. We decided to capture the idea of synaesthesia from an anatomical point of view.

The Mirror

An animation based on one's relationship with the mirror. I explore the curiosities and repulsion felt by one's attitude toward their own reflection. They try to go their separate ways, but soon realise one cannot exist without the other.

Angles of a Portrait

Crane Components

This is a screenprint responding to a brief about phobia's. I chose Melanophobia, the fear of the colour black. Based around the game of Draughts, I wanted to capture the tactical approach juxtaposed against a chaotic means of losing the game.

Sketches of the London Sinfonietta performing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Southbank, London