Monday, 10 November 2014

India Hells Lager / Camden Town Brewery

Last week saw the launch of Camden Town Brewery's new IHL range, which involved 7 days of beer-related events at their pop-up space. I collaborated with the wonderful people at Studio Juice to illustrate the cans. Check them out below.

Camden Town Brewery described IHL as "the beer of the God's" so worship was a consistent theme throughout the drawings. I was inspired by the ethereal, biblical illustrations of Gustave Dore, using celestial imagery and religious iconography to convey this idea. I wanted to the illustration to feel gothic, while simultaneously being fun and playful.

A few photo's from the launch event


Ryger House
I draw some (very small) icons of various landmarks in central London to be used on a map for Ryger House, a luxury apartment building situated near St James's Square.

Bellerby Globe Makers
I also had the pleasure of collaborating with the wonderful people at Bellerby & Co Globemakers to produce some small illustrated icons for a bespoke globe. Turned out to be a thing of beauty - see if you can spot them!

The Guardian

I had the pleasure of being commissioned to illustrate the front page of the Review section for the Guardian newspaper. It was for feature about upcoming Autumn fiction, featuring authors, from L-R: David Mitchell, Sarah Waters, Hilary Mantel Ian McEwan and Colm Toibin.

Departures Magazine

I was commissioned to illustrate a portrait of the Greek God of wine, Dionysus, supporting an article about...(shockingly) Greek wines. Unfortunately I was unable to get hold of the magazine, but here's the original illustration.

The Beauty

I illustrated the cover for this post-apocalyptic novella by Aliya Whitely. It was published by Unsung Stories who specialise in science fiction and all things strange and wonderful! Give it a read.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Pushkin Press

I collaborated with the designer David Pearson to produce this illustrated cover for a book of short stories by Russian writer Nadezhda Teffi. Published by Pushkin Press, the book is now available to buy online here and at most major bookstores.

Dwell Magazine

I was commissioned by modern architecture and design magazine Dwell, to produce a series of portraits of guest speakers at a design conference they're hosting in LA. Below are a selection of some of the portraits.

Ko Wibowo and Alvin Huang

Rianne Makkink and Jurgen Bey

Stephen Burks and Deborah Sussman

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Secret Garden Party Poster

I was commissioned to create the official poster for this year's Secret Garden Party festival. The year's theme is "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - see if you can spot the Wizard of Oz references!

Original Artwork

Telegraph Supplement

Cover illustration for Telegraph's Seven supplement magazine. It's an illustration for an article questioning the biblical story of Noah's Ark, claiming that the boat was in fact a round, coracle like structure.

W Magazine

A small illustration on front row celebrities at fashion shows.