Tuesday, 30 June 2015

BEAT: Eland Edition

Heart Agency collaborated with Eland Books, a renowned publisher of travel literature, to produce their latest edition of BEAT. Each of the artists represented by Heart were commissioned to illustrate an excerpt from some of their titles.

I received the Ginger Tree by Oswald Wynd. A story seen through the eyes of a young Scotswoman living in Japan at the turn of the 20th Century. The illustrations focus on the character, Baroness Sannotera, who was arrested for refusing to bow for the Emperor as he passed by.

The issue will shortly be available to buy HERE

Original artwork

BEAT cover (Artwork By Darrel Rees)

Super Superficial - Snakes And Ladders

I was asked to create another t-shirt for the London based clothing label, Super Superficial. They gave me a lot of freedom to come up with my own design and decided base it on the Snakes and Ladders game concept. If you look closely, there's an optical illusion in there too.

Available to purchase HERE

Rock Climber

Monday, 29 June 2015

Cincinnati Magazine - Bourbon

I was asked by Cincinnati Magazine to illustrate a step by step diagram of the Bourbon distillation process. Art direction by Grace Saunders.

Tatler - Matthew Hopkins

Illustration of the 17th Century Witch-hunter, Matthew Hopkins.

The Guardian - Alice In Wonderland

I had the dream job of illustrating the cover of The Guardian's Review supplement for a feature on one of my favourite stories, Alice In Wonderland. The article celebrates 150 years of the story and it's timelessness as it continues to evolve since the first publication in 1865. Art direction by Sarah Harbershon.

Bloomberg Magazine - Is There A Next Jack Bogle?

A portrait the Vanguard Group's company founder John C. "Jack" Bogle for Bloomberg Markets Magazine.

New Year's Illustration

Boston Globe - My First Home

I was commissioned by the Boston Globe to illustrate an article by Jaci Conry detailing her experience and memories of growing up in her childhood home. I really enjoyed working on this particular piece and hope it did justice to Conry's vividly described memories. Art direction by Jane Martin.


I was one of several artists asked to create a piece of artwork for Chipotle's Cultivating Thought series. The curator of the project, Jonathan Safran Foer, worked with Chipotle to present the ideas of authors, comedians and thought-leaders. Each story is a thought provoking text, something to take away with you, to stop and think about over your coffee or take out.

I illustrated Neil Gaiman's short essay "Two Minutes To Run" about the plight of refugees. My aim was to create a sensitive, yet optimistic piece about the issues raised in his text. The focal point of the tree symbolises civilisation where the branches form paths which connect and bring people together. On the tree, a diverse range of figures help one another to climb the branches representing communal responsibility and progress.

New Website

It's been a while since I posted on here - I've had a very busy last six months working on several big projects which I haven't been able to unveil until recently. I've also designed myself a brand new website with all my latest work. Go check it out here: www.stuartpatience.co.uk

From now on I will be using my blog as a "work in progress" documentation of projects from sketches and original drawings to the final products themselves. A bit a sneak peak into my working process too!